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International Leadership Consultant, Coach, Author, Karate Master

"From this beautiful and harmonious blending emerges a way of thriving and living without having to fight." Colin on Washindo

The developer and leader of Washindo worldwide, Colin has developed this peaceful martial art from over 50 years of practice, study and teaching of Karate-do. The practice and teaching of Washindo has been influenced and advanced by learnings from other great arts including yoga, kyudo and mindfulness meditation. Through his study of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), somatics and coaching, he has ensured the practice and teaching of Washindo is constantly evolving and up to date. Colin has reached the most senior level of Shihan (Master of Masters) and has taught around the world including Finland, Portugal, France, Germany, Monte Carlo, U.S.A, Belgium and Greece. 

He works as a Leadership Consultant and Coach and is an NLP Master Trainer and Clinical Mindfulness practitioner. He has written 2 books on Washindo and the Peaceful Way.

Fully living and practicing the principles of wellbeing, he is an exemplar for living healthier for longer, practicing meditation, Washindo and yoga daily, eating well and always having a positive mindset. You can find Colin in his local coffee shop every morning where he inspires and connects with the local community and shares his wisdom

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Yoga teacher, Global Behaviour Change Founder, Washindo teacher/practitioner

Karen has practiced and studied Washindo for over 20 years. She is the first & only female Washindo Master in Europe. She is a learning expert, NLP Master practitioner and inspiring executive coach and Yoga Teacher. Karen founded her behaviour change consultancy, Mindshift Performance in 2023 and combines her learning expertise, knowledge of neuroscience in behaviour change and her coaching skills with Washindo and Yoga to inspire leaders and organisations to create healthy high performing cultures.

In her yoga teaching, she focuses on helping practitioners gain increasing awareness of the bodies, using mindful movement and uniting with the breath to build flexibility, mobility, strength and increase wellbeing.

Karen loves learning and spends any free time reading and listening to the latest research and practices that contribute to living well, reducing stress and using the wisdom of the body to sustain a long and healthy life.

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