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Supporting yoga
& mindfulness
in the workplace


Mental Health: A Case of Debits & Credits

Like most of us these past seven months, my life has been pretty up and down mentally and emotionally. From the initial nervous feelings accompanying, ‘what does that mean?’ when lockdown measures were introduced to the simple pleasure of walking on empty streets watching Spring blossom.

Martial Arts, Modelling & the Art of Learning

As small children our parents teach us everything. From how to walk, to how to create the sounds that make speech in a way that even replicates our parents’ regional accents! We don’t learn these development milestones by sitting in a classroom, looking at a flipchart or listening to a lecture. Often, we don’t even realise we are actually learning. We observe, we copy, we practice, and we model.

How meditation can help you make fewer mistakes

Meditating just once proves to make a difference


Why slowing your breathing helps you relax

Cultivating more control over our lungs can bring many benefits to our mental and physical health. Is it time to relearn breathing?


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